Why Do People Use Subway Tile In Australia

Why Do People Use Subway Tile In Australia

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Globally, subway tile has been the most acceptable ceramic product covering and beautifying walls in homes and offices. These beautiful rectangular-shaped tiles in 3 by 6 inches have maintained the lead position in decorating interiors and exteriors.

Subway tiles first started in New York City in 1904. Ever since then, this unique tile has been the most-used tile in the universe. It began to spread from New York City to other cities in the US. And it later becomes one of the tiles that people will ever be wanted in covering their walls in homes and offices.

However, Australia was not excluded in welcoming this unique tile. People in Australia began to love subway tiles right from its inception. If you want to give your wall a nice and good-looking covering, you have no other option than to consider subway tile. Australians began to use subway tiles for their kitchens, bathrooms, living rooms, bedrooms and offices. 

Subway tiles became people’s favorite in Australia. Are you a contractor based in Australia? Or do you want to cover your walls with subway tiles, and why do people use this tile? We are here to help you out. We will give you some reasons why people make use of subway tiles in Australia. You will also get to know some uniqueness about subway tiles as you follow us closely.

Therefore, here is the main reason why people use subway tiles in Australia:

  1. Its uniqueness remains updated: Many styles tend to look out of places as the years go by, and some are much quicker than others. One of the benefits of subway tiles to Australians is that their classic appearance never looks outdated or out of style. Australians have tried so many patterns of tile that have gone out of place. Some tile patterns are not relevant anymore, and they tend to wear out and look outdated as the year comes by. Therefore, the case of subway tile is different. Some places have been existing for fifty years and above in Australia with subway tiles covering their walls. If you go there today, you will see that its appearance never looks outdated. That’s why the name was given to subway tiles as the timeless choice of wall covering tiles.
  2. Subway tiles reflect more light than tiles of other shapes: This advantage is not for Australians alone, but also subway tiles users in the world. Subway tiles help to brighten up spaces that are not with enough light. However, you will also get more flashes of lightning if you use white ceramic or porcelain subway tile on your walls. Also, don’t forget that subway tiles come in glass and stone, so if you use the glass subway tile, it will enhance more brightness. Today, there’s no other shape of tile that can brighten up your kitchens, bathrooms and other places like the subway tiles. The moment people notice this unique advantage, people began to rust into fixing subway tiles on their walls.
  1. Subway tile is not expensive: Of course, you know that people will love to embrace something cheap and unique. Subway tiles are relatively cheap compare to the prices of other tiles. This fantastic tile is known as the tile that almost everyone can afford. However, it has been so, right from its inception. In Australia, middle-class people can also enjoy using this unique tile for their kitchen, bathroom, living room, etc. Subway tiles range from small to medium size, so the price depends on the size you want. It is just too cheap.
  2. It is easy to install: The reduction in stress in installing subway tile is also one of the reasons why people use it in Australia. Subway tiles are considered to be the most accessible tile to install on walls. The tiles have been in 3 x 6 inches, so there’s no need to worry about in installation process. For instance, one cannot compare the stress in installing a herringbone tiles pattern to subway tiles. Although subway tiles can be used in a herringbone pattern, installing subway tiles on your walls is relatively easy than any other shape of the tile. However, tilers in Australia today will prefer installing subway tiles on walls because it saves time for them to do other things.
  3. Subway tiles can be easily installed on drywall: You might be wondering how possible it is to install subway tiles on drywall. Of course, it is possible. You can install it on the drywall in as much the area you are covering is not exposed to a lot of moisture. Therefore, if the walls are not exposed to a lot of water, consider that wall covered with subway tile. Australians see this as an advantage.
  4. It is easy to clean: You can easily clean subway tile just like any other ceramic tile. Some tiles cannot be easily cleaned like subway tiles. Subway tile can be cleaned merely by wiping with water. 
  5. Subway tile is easy to get: Virtually all stores dealing with building materials in Australia have this unique tile in stock. They will indeed have it because it is the most sought after tile in Australia. Suppose you need a subway tile and you are based in Australia. In that case, you only need to check any building material store around you. 
  6. Subway tile varies in size: Initially, subway tile is a rectangular tile 3 x 6 inches. However, any rectangular tile with one to two dimensions can fit in as a subway tile. Not only that, other subway tile sizes include 2 by 4 inches, 4 by 8 inches and 6 by 12inches. visit http://huckleberryforks.com/tips-on-how-to-clean-subway-tiles/ to read about Tips On How To Clean Subway Tiles.


Australia is one of the places where people use subway tiles. The above-listed eight points are the reason behind the massive usage of this unique tile. Don’t forget that subway tile in the kitchen will be great. Also, subway tile covering the walls in your bathroom will be lovely.